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QT Medical Launches $30 Home ECG test


Los Angeles, California: QT Medical, a MedTech company focusing on cardiac care with personal electrocardiogram (ECG), announces that it plans for a limited time offer of $30 per ECG test to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and telehealth services. The ECG tests will be performed using PCA 500, a complete 12-lead ECG platform that includes a super-compact recorder, a prepositioned electrode strip, mobile apps, computer interpretation, and HIPAA-compliant cloud.

“In light of the coronavirus outbreak, elderly people and heart disease patients are at increased risk. We are offering a solution specifically for these vulnerable patients. Using PCA 500, SNFs can minimize the risk of infection by avoiding transporting patients to ECG labs, or mobile service technicians coming to the facility. Telehealth patients who need an ECG test will be able to get a full 12-lead ECG without leaving their homes. We are offering hospital-quality ECGs at a much lower cost than an ECG lab or mobile service.”-- QT Medical’s CEO Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang said in an interview.

When the doctor from a SNF orders a PCA 500 test, a kit including a PCA 500 recorder, an electrode strip, and a mobile device will be shipped overnight to the SNF. Clear and detailed instructions are provided to the SNF staff to perform the ECG test. Telehealth patients can complete a 12-lead ECG on themselves. QT Medical had conducted a clinical trial previously and showed that minimal or no training is needed to use PCA 500. All ECGs are automatically transmitted to the cloud, and a preliminary computer interpretation is instantly available. Through the cloud, offsite physicians can review the results and make management decisions.

The home 12-lead ECG tests will be initially offered to all SNFs in Southern California and will expand as the demand increases. For the telehealth ECG program, Dr. Chang plans to work with telehealth providers nationwide. QT Medical welcomes inquiries from all SNFs and telehealth providers.

PCA 500 is a medical standard 12-lead ECG test ordered by healthcare providers. Patients should consult their physicians to decide if PCA 500 can help.

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