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PCA 500 for your practice

PCA 500 offers compelling advantages over conventional ECG.  Using PCA 500 in your office streamlines the workflow, reduces the need for trained personnel, and makes it more efficient to manage all the ECGs in the cloud.  The pre-positioned electrode strips make it more accurate and consistent in lead placement.  The single-use design with no lead wires greatly decrease the risk of infection and need for dis-infection. ECG report in pdf makes it easy for uploading to EMR.

Improving Quality

  • Periodic checkup and monitoring of patients at home
  • Detect subtle changes for early diagnosis and intervention
  • Provides timely care anytime from anywhere

Enhancing Efficiency

  • Performs a standard 12-lead ECG in 3 minutes 
  • Saves 70% leads placement time, 30% overall procedure time
  • Streamlines office workflow and staffing
  • All ECGs are managed in the cloud with easy EMR integration

Maximizing Revenue

  • Reduces cost associated with staff training, dis-infecting ECG between use, PPE needed, ECG errors, staff time and room use


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