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General Information

  • What is PCA 500?
    PCA 500 is the first and only FDA-cleared, hospital quality 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) for professional and personal use. PCA 500 combines hospital grade accuracy, mobile technology, advanced software and cloud-based management to set a new standard in ECGs. Our ECG platform enables millions of patients to manage and monitor their heart health from the comfort of their homes.
  • For whom is PCA 500 appropriate?

    For professional use, PCA 500 can be used in a variety of clinical settings. In clinics and urgent care centers, the time saved during electrode placement and the paperless, centralized ECG management will enhance efficiency and streamline workflow. In telemedicine and remote care practice, PCA 500 enables lay people (patients) and lower-skilled personnel to conduct a 12-lead ECG test. Through our secure cloud, providers can review the results remotely. In skilled nursing facilities, adding PCA 500 can allow in-house ECG testing that saves time, money and personnel needs. PCA 500 can be used by patients based on a doctor’s prescription. Patients with intermittent arrhythmias, chronic heart failure, or those who just had a coronary bypass, stents or ablation procedures may benefit from home cardiac monitoring. The doctor can decide if PCA 500 monitoring, under a doctor's supervision, is right for the patient. 

  • Where can I find instructions for PCA 500?

    This video offers your patients step by step instructions. They can also download and print the PCA 500 Quick Guide.

  • How do I download the test reports after ECGs have been recorded?
    When the mobile device (phone or tablet) has a good internet connection, the recorded ECGs are instantly uploaded to the cloud. You can use a web browser on any internet-connected computer or mobile device to log into your account on the Dashboard to download the reports. Results can also be downloaded directly from the QT ECG. Please visit the QT Cloud USER’S MANUAL for further details.
  • Does PCA 500 produce the same quality of ECG obtained from a conventional hospital 12-lead ECG?

    Yes.  PCA 500 was compared directly to the Philips Pagewriter TC70 in a clinical trial to test for ECG quality equivalence.  ECG equivalence, determined by 3 cardiologists, was higher than the equivalency level required by the FDA.  Essentially, PCA 500 produces ECGs of the same diagnostic quality as ECG systems that are much larger and use the complicated electrode patches and cables.

  • Can I use PCA 500 with wired lead cables?
    Due to our proprietary adapter, PCA 500 is only compatible with the PCA 500 Electrode Strips. Likewise, the PCA 500 Electrode Strips are only compatible with the PCA 500 Recorder.
  • Can PCA 500 be used when offline (i.e. when internet connection is not available)?

    For Androids only: In situations where internet connection is not available, recorded ECGs will be saved locally on mobile devices (up to 100 recordings).  The locally stored ECGs will be uploaded automatically when the mobile device is connected to the internet.

  • Does PCA 500 continuously record the heart’s activity?
    PCA 500 is not a continuous heart monitor. It is an on-demand resting 12-lead ECG that provides a 10-second snapshot each time you press the “Record” button.
  • Which web browsers are supported?
    The QT Dashboard is optimized for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The dashboard is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Please note that ECGs can only be recorded through the QT ECG app on a compatible tablet or smartphone.
  • How do I get PCA 500?
    Please contact us for more information about purchasing a device.

Device Use

  • What training is required to complete an ECG with PCA 500?
    Thanks to our patented prepositioned electrode strip, no training is required to complete an ECG with PCA 500. Simply follow the step by step instructions in the Quick Guide, or view video instructions, to accurately and efficiently record a 12-lead ECG.
  • How do I determine the correct electrode strip size for my patient?
    PCA 500 Electrode Strips come in four sizes (S, M, L, XL) for adults and three sizes (1, 2, 3) for pediatrics. The Sizing Guide is used to easily determine the correct size for each patient. Please refer to How to Use the Sizing Guide for more detailed information.
  • Are the PCA 500 Electrode Strips one-time use?
    Yes. To help prevent disease transmission and ensure the best ECG signal quality, PCA 500 Electrode Strips are one-time use. After application to a patient, the electrode strips may be repositioned and remain on the same patient. The hydrogel will begin to dry out and the quality of ECG signals cannot be guaranteed once the electrode package is open for more than 24 hours.
  • Can PCA 500 be used when a patient has a pacemaker?
    Yes. PCA 500 is able to detect when there is a pacemaker present and it will not affect the quality of the ECG test. PCA 500 does not interfere with the function of a pacemaker.
  • When should I clean my PCA 500 Recorder?
    It should be gently cleaned before every use with a soft cloth dampened with lukewarm soapy water or natural cleanser.
  • How should I clean my PCA 500 Recorder?
    To clean the recorder, dampen a soft cloth with lukewarm soapy water or natural cleanser and gently wipe down the recorder. The recorder should not be immersed in water under any circumstances.

Compatible Tests and Treatments

  • Are there tests or treatments that are not compatible with PCA 500?
    Yes. The following are not recommended during the use of PCA 500: Magnetic Field(s): Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); MRI Technician; any job where the patient may be exposed to a large magnetic field.
  • Can PCA 500 be left on a patient during defibrillation?

    No, the PCA 500 electrode strip and recorder should be removed if the patient requires defibrillation. For more information on defibrillation-proof products, please contact customer support.

Xpress ECG

  • Does it cost anything to get started?

    No. Registering an online Dashboard account with QT Medical is absolutely FREE. There is no commitment and no obligations to keep an account. When you have a patient who needs an ECG test, you will be ready to order from the dashboard in just 1-2 min. 

  • Why use Xpress ECG for your ECG needs?
    • Great patient care—Patients can get their diagnostic test and monitoring without the risk of potential coronavirus exposure.
    • Expanding telehealth and RPM practice-- Xpress ECG offers everything for your f 12-lead ECG needs and routine care of RPM for patients.
    • Simple and easy, manage all ECGs in the cloud-- The process is simple and easy— you order the test online, we deliver the kit, the patient completes the test at home, and results are uploaded instantaneously!
    • Free online account, no obligations.
  • How do I order an Xpress ECG test?

    First, contact QT Medical for a free online Dashboard account from then log in. Click on “Xpress ECG” on the left hand side on the Dashboard, select the electrode size and “Add to cart.” During the checkout process, please input your patient’s information (address and phone number) and complete the payment. 

  • How soon will the patient receive the Xpress ECG kit?

    When an order is placed and verified, QT Medical will ship the Xpress ECG kit the next business day by FedEx, which typically takes 1 to 3 days to arrive.

  • How do I get started?
    • Contact a Sales Specialist for more info at
    • Call Customer Service at +1 855 722 6006
  • How Does Xpress ECG work?

    You create a free online Dashboard account and order an ECG when needed. QT Medical receives the order and ships out an Xpress ECG kit to the patient. The patient completes the ECG test, then mails PCA 500 back to QT Medical. The recorded ECG is automatically uploaded to the cloud and you will instantly receive an email notification to review the ECG on the Dashboard. The turnaround time is typically 2-4 days.

  • What patients can benefit from Xpress ECG at home?

    There are two common clinical scenarios to use Xpress ECG. First of all, Xpress ECG can be used as a non-urgent standard resting 12-lead ECG for screening, diagnosis and follow up. To be used on patients who need pre-op clearance, routine physical, weight loss program enrollment, have cardiac symptoms (palpitation, fatigue, etc.), to rule out cardiac conditions, and under surveillance of medication side effects (most notably psychiatric, antibiotic and oncological medications). Secondly, Xpress ECG can be used for monthly Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) of patients with chronic medical conditions. This can be patients with intermittent arrhythmias, stable angina on medical therapy, congestive heart failure, diabetes and hypertension.

  • Can patients do a 12-lead ECG test at home?

    Yes. The Xpress ECG kit includes a PCA 500 recorder, a prepositioned electrode strip, instructions, and a postage paid return envelope. PCA 500 is cleared by the FDA for patients' use at home. A clinical trial showed that over 95% patients could use PCA 500 to complete a 12-lead ECG test based on simple instructions; video instructions and FAQs are available. Our customer service can provide further assistance over the phone when needed.

  • Is it a standard 12-lead ECG test? How is the quality?

    Yes. PCA 500 is cleared by the FDA for patients and professional use. The electrode placements follow the American Heart Association guidelines. A clinical trial showed that PCA 500 is equivalent, as a diagnostic 12-lead ECG, to the market leader Philips PageWriter TC70, used in hospitals. In fact, the ECG signal quality from patients’ use of PCA 500 at home is often better than ones done by technicians in the hospital.

  • How do I know what size Electrode strip to order for each patient?

    Once you have successfully enrolled, your Account Manager will contact you with a “Welcome Email” containing important documents for Xpress ECG. You may reference the document titled, “How to Determine the Size of Electrode Strip.” This document contains various methods for sizing patients for their electrode strip.

  • How will I know my patients have all the information they need?

    When ordering an Xpress ECG test, please make sure the email, address and phone number of the patient are all accurate. We will verify the order and provide the information and assistance needed for the patient to complete the test.


  • How do I log in to my account?

    You can log in with your username and password via the QT ECG app or via the Dashboard web page at Please note that ECGs can only be recorded through the QT ECG mobile app. If you are having trouble logging into your account, please refer to the Troubleshooting section below.

  • Why can’t I log in to my account?
    Ensure that you connected to the internet and are typing in the correct username and password. If you forget your password, you can click on the “forgot password” button to reset your password.
  • Why does it say QT ECG App is not supported on this device?

    Check our device and operating system (OS) compatibility list under "Support" tab.

  • What should I do when a lead-off warning is shown?
    Tap on the yellow question mark icon in the top right corner. Check the corresponding chest electrode(s). Make sure each electrode is attached properly to the skin and making good physical contact. Ensure there is no hair, oil or lotion interfering with skin contact. If needed, shave the chest hair under the electrode strip or wipe off excess oil or lotion with a moist cloth. Firmly press on the area of the strip indicated in yellow on the App to ensure good electrode contact with the skin. In a low humidity environment, electrodes may dry up, preventing adhesion to the skin. If the electrodes have been stored in a dry environment, and a "lead-off" alert is shown in the app during use, please use a moist cloth to dampen the hydrogel circles on the Electrode Strip, or dampen the patient's chest, then reattach the electrode.
  • Why can’t I pair PCA 500 to my tablet or smartphone?
    If you are clicking the connect button on the QT ECG app, but are unable to connect PCA 500, please ensure that PCA is turned on by holding the button on the side of the device down until the front lights turn on. Please also ensure that your mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Why haven’t I receive the email for account verification/ activation or any notification?

    The email might end up in your Spam folder, please double check; otherwise please contact customer support at or at 855 722 6006.

Legal and Privacy

  • Are my data secure?
    Yes. All data are transferred through an encrypted connection to the cloud, which is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) & European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • What is EKG360?
    EKG360 is an ECG interpretation service provided by our expert cardiologists. It is currently available in California only.
  • How do I request the EKG360 service?
    If you’d like to request the EKG360 expert interpretation, you can contact our Customer Service.
  • Is there an age limit for EKG360 services?
    EKG360 is currently only available for patients aged 18 years and older.
  • What do you do with my information?

    We take your privacy and patient information seriously. All patient information that is stored is private. QT Medical complies with all applicable laws in the US and the State of California. Furthermore, QT Medical complies with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Are EKG360 services covered by insurance?

    EKG360 services are cash pay only.

  • Is PCA 500 covered by insurance?

    The use of PCA 500 in a clinic setting can be billed as a 12-lead ECG test under CPT 93000.  Billing in other areas differs on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact the sales team for more information.


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