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QT Medical Unveils the Personal Cardiac Assistant 500


Las Vegas-- 01/11/2019 -- QT Medical announces the launch of its Personal Cardiac Assistant (PCA 500) at the world’s largest technology showcase, CES. PCA 500 is the only FDA-cleared, hospital quality 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) for personal use. QT Medical’s CEO Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang and his team exhibited the PCA 500 at the startup zone in Eureka Park.

“Our goal at CES is to demonstrate the ease of use the PCA 500 platform provides and the benefits to patients to manage their heart disease at home. With the tremendous advancement in wearable technologies, most notably smartwatches, most consumers still don’t know the differences between a single lead ECG and a 12-lead ECG. Single lead ECG provides enough information for a rhythm diagnosis (such as arrhythmias); however, a 12-lead ECG remains the medical standard for comprehensive medical evaluation, such as for the diagnosis of arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, and importantly, heart attacks (STEMI).”-- Dr. Chang said in an interview.

PCA 500, the innovative wireless electrocardiogram (ECG), will be available for sale to healthcare facilities in the U.S. starting Monday, January 21. PCA 500 combines hospital grade accuracy, mobile technology, advanced software and cloud-based management to set a new standard in home care. Our ecosystem enables millions of patients who suffer from chronic heart conditions to manage their own health from the comfort of their homes. A free mobile app (iOS and Android) allows patients to send their electrocardiograms to the cloud. With QT Diagnostics, QT Medical’s own diagnostic service, our network of cardiologists can interpret the ECGs sent to the cloud and provide patients at home with a detailed report so they can consult their physician for the course of action. The PCA 500 provides unparalleled convenience, accessibility and quality to cardiac care.

PCA 500 is currently a prescription based device. Please consult your primary care physician or cardiologist to decide if PCA 500 can help you to manage your disease or symptoms.


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